Your Reputation Precedes You!

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Just like... how you and others order food or dine at places only based on its reviews online and what you have heard.

The same goes for you as a professional! What do people talk about you and hear about your services in the market?

You see, when you go to a place to dine. You decide upon it based on the reviews you read on Yelp or Zomato, based on what you have heard, and it influences your decision to give it a try! Once you do and you like what you got, you become a regular there.

The same goes for you and your work. No matter how many projects you do, the decision to reach out to you, get on a call and buy from you! It will always be influenced by your previous projects and the impact you created.

And it's perceived by the reviews and testimonials you have.

But not just any review or 5-stars, but the impact you created and the relationships you built.

Because clients may not understand much about your services from great aesthetics, but they do understand the kind of person you are, your work ethic and the relationship you built while you solved the problems for your clients.

This is because your reviews aren't just supposed to be words, they become your reputation, and it needs to precede you and show the world the kind of person you are when you rank up on their search list. A review shows your clients how you helped someone before them, showing them how they will be treated now!

And more than anything, these reviews are about you at the end of the day.

They represent you and the person you are!

Sure, you may have provided a service to them, but your customers will talk about you at the end of the day. How you are and what you did and didn't do for them.

So just like experiencing one dish at a restaurant doesn't just make you want to go back there and try that again but even see what else they have to offer! And you carry the same expectations. The same applies here.

So even if you provided one offering for a client, and they loved you. Their client testimony for you shows that. They represent you as a person and open you up to be nominated for not just the service you did for them but be accepted and embraced for the other services you do or want to do in the future for this client or any others.

It makes them trust in you! Take risks with you! Because of your reputation because of your Testimonies and Reviews.

So your reviews matter and Rivista is here to help you not just do it right but even be seen for it!

Rivista is here to help you be the better solution for your clients that you are!

How does Rivista do that for you?

Rivista helps you be the professional you are. By collecting verified reviews about your services, work, contribution and performance!

It Brings forth your credibility with testimonials, feedback and appreciation from your clients, as well as your peers and professional network.

It adds authenticity to your reviews.

Anybody can put a review, but to have it authenticated and verified adds to you and the trust in you. Rivista is the platform to do that for you!

Big brands may have Trustpilot, Glassdoor and global word of mouth. But it's your contribution and services that make those brands big! And Rivista is here for you. Rivista recognises you and wants the whole world to recognise you too!

And all you need to do is build an account, impact your clients and ask them for a verified review via the Rivista form!

That's it!

And when those reviews talk about the experience of interacting with you, the impact you created and how you made your clients feel overall. Then the gospel doesn't stop.

Want to learn more and grow your professional journey together with Rivista?

Then follow Rivista App and sign up for the free!

So don't just collect testimonies! Even learn how to ask for the right ones with Rivista.

Want reviews that get leads.

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