What can testimonials bring for your freelance business?

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What can testimonials bring for your freelance business?

97% of the shoppers population prefer checking reviews online before making any purchase, which is huge and needle moving. On an average people check 4 reviews to make the purchase, that’s where the brand positions themselves. Likewise, as a Freelancer, you need testimonials or feedback to build the trust among your community.

From a consumer point of view, reviews play a vital role in handling any objection the customer might have. Your reviews and feedback help in backing up your position in the market and building credibility among your prospects. Here prospect is anyone who is interested in your services and is asking for it. A bunch of solid testimonials can be a great foundation for converting them.

Essentially, we use different kinds of marketing strategies to build our business as a freelancer, and according to a research, client testimonials work the best. Nothing you say can increase your credibility other than the words of your happy clients. 


No worries, we all start from point 0. You have a golden chance of collecting the best testimonials. But how? Look out for Beta Clients and give your best shot! I know asking for reviews about your work especially can be a bit awkward, but it can be done easily if you’re good with communicating it well with your clients.

Let them know your agenda for the review. Keep them in the loop, ask them for corrections. Ask them if they’re comfortable disclosing their name and business with the testimonial for you.


First step will be earning it well by providing premium services. As a freelancer, it’s crucial you dig deep into your client's business and overdeliver in terms of value. You can keep adding the tasks that are directly impacting the client's business in a positive way. By this you can have a record about the transformation that you had for your client's business and help them in framing a solid and credible testimonial.

Ask them to provide you with a testimonial.

Make it obvious for them. Meaning, writing a testimonial can be a tedious task for many who’re not good with words. This can be handled by providing the client with a set of questions about the work and expectations. Post receiving the answers, you can frame a feedback for your work and send it across to the client for the review. The job gets easier!

There are various ways to collect testimonials from your clients. For instance:

  1. Google Forms
  2. Direct chat and then saving it to google sheets
  3. Rivista App
  4. Shoutouts over social media platforms and resharing them

And many more, but the question is, are you good with handling the data? Mostly, freelancers have their testimonials scattered in google sheets, chats, screenshots, and whatnot. Phew…it's good that now you have Rivista (Testimonial app for Freelancers) to your rescue. 


  1. Trust and Credibility

Trusting freelancers with prior work shoutouts is easier. Reviews and testimonials are great social proof and increase your chances of getting hired. Do you remember on average how many reviews a customer checks before making the purchase decision? I told you in the beginning!

  1. Aid Purchase decisions

Upon reading your work reviews, the clients get convinced about your services. 

  1. Improve Client experience

When your client is well aware that you’re a legit and trustworthy business, they relax and invest easily, leading to a great client experience.


Collecting a bunch of testimonials for filling the google sheet can be great for building your confidence. However, that won’t do much for you as a freelancer.

Showcase your testimonials, to leverage the best marketing strategy.

Here are 3 ways to leverage your testimonials to help you convert your prospects:

  1. Case Studies

A case study describes a particular client’s journey, their problem, the process you used to solve it, and the result you bought for their business. Case studies are extremely converting because they resonate with your future clients. While reading it, they see their problem. Your dream client becomes problem aware and has your services as their solution. They put themselves in the shoes of the client whom you wrote about. Case studies with testimonials can be your top-star technique to land more clients.

  1. Testimonials Page

If you’ve got more than a dozen amazing testimonials, then you can create a “Testimonials” page full of them.

  1. Social Media posts

Representing your case studies as your social media posts can help you land more targeted eyeballs on your profile. 

Concluding Bonus

As you’re reading till the end, we have a set of bonus questions that you can use to ask your client about the work experience. Have a sweet set of maximum 10 questions. Here’s with what you can start:

Q1. What was it like before you had our product or services?
Q2. What problems were you trying to solve with our product or services?
Q3. What made our product or service stand out from the market?
Q4. What was the result of the work we did?
Q5. Would you recommend my product or service?
Q6. If there is anything you’d like to tell us?

Now that you have a fair idea about testimonials and its collection, make sure you add a thumbs up in the comments below and share this blog with your fellow newbie freelancers

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