What are traits and how it helps an individual?

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What are traits?

Acknowledge, appreciate and endorse positive traits with Rivista UI


Alex had a  bad day in the office. His first performance review in the new job rated him ‘low’ as a team player. 

Two days back, he had signed up for the Rivista UI app to connect with his old colleagues. What he discovers now not only boosts his morale but also shows him the path to improving performance. His three and the only connections on the app so far had rated him 5-star for the trait 'team-player'. They had even lauded him for his team-building initiatives (such as game nights, team lunches, and quiz sessions) in their testimonials.

Alex was all smiles now. He knew what needed to be done before his next review.

That’s the impact of mentioning the positive traits on individuals.

What are Personality Traits? 

Traits are those attributes and qualities that impact a person's thinking, feeling, and behaviours. They are not one-time, isolated occurrences. They reflect the consistent behavioural patterns that a person exhibits time and again. For example, if a person tends to look at the bright side of things irrespective of the circumstances, he is considered 'optimistic'.

People who exhibit positive personality traits are indispensable to clients and organizations. Their attitude towards work and life brings them ample growth opportunities.

Positive Personality Traits: Examples

 Some highly appreciated positive personality traits in an individual include-

  • Honesty
  • Determination
  • Compassion
  • Team-player
  • Good communication
  • Creativity
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership and more

How Mentioning Positive Traits Help an Individual

Mentioning a person’s positive traits before an audience encourages him to be consistent in such behaviours. It also enables the development of an individual by:

●      Boosting morale

Praise and validation for good qualities help people understand their strengths. It motivates them to push the boundaries leading to greater productivity and innovation in their work area.

●      Overcoming shortcomings

Appreciating someone motivates them to become better. They work hard to implement course corrections to get more positive reviews and are worthy of public display.

●      Enhancing performance

Showing appreciation and acknowledgement for projects boosts employee efficiency. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and deepens their engagement levels, thereby turning them into high-performance individuals.

●      Strengthening relationships

A sincere compliment or recognition makes one feel valued. It builds trust in relationships and makes them look forward to the other person's opinions.

Wrapping Up

Rivista UI is a unique application to endorse the vital traits of an individual. The app lists distinct positive traits when users write reviews/testimonials for others. All these traits show on the recipient's profile, but the top 5 get displayed prominently. Selecting the right traits goes a long way in empowering individuals and enhancing their ability to perform.

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