Trouble With Testimonies? Say no more! Rivista's here!

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Once upon a time, Independent professionals and small businesses asked...

Where can you find free testimonial resources?
What's the fastest way to get testimonies?
How do I ask for reviews from my regular customers without making it a hassle for them?
What is the Easiest way to collect testimonies?

Valuable feedback is difficult to collect from others. People are busy and without an easy way to give you valuable input. They might forget. Most times, clients and customers always do!

Providing you with the feedback you need and deserve is challenging when you don't have the means to get it.

Rivista makes it easy for those around you, your clients, customers, peers and colleagues, to share their thoughts, talent recognition, and expert advice by collecting their valuable inputs, all in one place, through 3 easy steps.

  1. Sign-Up on Rivista and Set up your profile.
  2. From your homepage, Send a "Ask for Review" form and mention the email or phone number of the receiver, or get a unique shareable URL to share with them and let them know what you're asking this review for.
  3. and... Oh wait, there is no step 3! It's that easy with

Your reviewer will get an email notification/SMS from Rivista, or you can share a unique link with them, and all they will have to do is pour their honest thoughts about you out and click send.

We take care of the rest! We verify the person reviewing, and before you know it, you have an authentic review on your Rivista profile about you to share and showcase, as the awards they are!

When making Rivista, the only MVP we had in mind was to tell your story and support your unique journey! So thats what we kept in mind and launched the moment we could start to support you, as being able to help you grow and thrive is our mission!

And testimonies are the way to go for it! They're essential for growth!

Your clientele may show your potential clients and audiences, whom you have worked with, but their testimonies show how you worked with them and the impact you brought to them!

Ever heard a potential client ask can you show me your previous clients? They aren't looking for names. They won't even know half of them. They are looking for the ROI and the impact you brought for them!

And Testimonies do that best! Especially when they are collected right when the iron is hot!

But thats where the problem comes in, most businesses don't have their customer's emails, and they don't have the time to set up a testimony call or meeting or even ask for a proper testimony, and the lack of this, which causes them to lose out on their future discoverability!

Testimonies used to be a time taking process, and not every small business could do that, and most clients would forget about it, ignore it or find it not worth their time to do it due to its complex nature.

Many people didn't bother, didn't consider it, wondered what can they do to make it easier and accessible for themselves and their clients and customers,

And so many wouldn't... Well, that used to be a problem... until we came to the party!

Even if you don't have your customer's emails and only have their mobile numbers, with Rivista, it will take less than a minute to get a review or testimony from them, even before they leave the store.

  1. In your Click on "Share Recommendation Form" in Ask for Review.
  2. Click "Get sharable link", fill in your client name, number, how you know them and a note, and thats it!

Rivista will message them a unique form with the right questions for your business's growth and make it easy for them to answer. That is it!

In the span of a few minutes, you will not just have served a client and solved their problems but even have received an authentic review/testimony to help you scale further.

So seamlessly! Rivista makes collecting reviews effective and efficient.

So don't lose out on those amazing satisfaction from your clients right when the iron is hot and easily collect testimonies with Rivista!

And if they are already on Rivista. Then look them up and send them a message asking for a review. If you don't know how to ask, Rivista provides you with an already prefilled template for you.

To The challenge of collecting reviews such as:

  1. Asking for recommendations is difficult and challenging.
  2. Collecting testimonials from your peers, clients, or customers takes a long time and tons of post-it notes.
  3. Taking time out for customer feedback can be a pain.
  4. How do I collect testimonials and reviews?
  5. Collecting reviews and testimonials is a challenging and annoying process, to begin with.
  6. Collecting feedback can be time-consuming and frustrating for both solicitors and solicitees.
  7. No way to collect reviews from your clients or peers
  8. Professional goals, company goals, or personal goals are sometimes hard to get off the ground because it's hard to get the word out about what you have going on.
  9. People often don't leave reviews for professionals.
  10. Getting a good testimonial can be difficult, so instead of asking for one, you end up with none.
  11. As a job seeker, looking for and finding testimonials can be a huge challenge!

There's now a simple solution "Rivista app".

With Rivista, collecting reviews & testimonials is a breeze. Encourage customer feedback with seamless customer engagement and keep your clients coming back.

Sign up now! Available on the Play store and coming soon on App Store and Web!

Want reviews that get leads.

Sign up on Rivista

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