The potential effect of Rivista in the workplace

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When was the last time your co-workers/seniors appreciated your efforts?

According to survey data published in The Economic Times, only 41% of the responding employees felt that they were appreciated at work. That leaves a gap of a staggering 59% who felt they weren’t rewarded verbally for their efforts.

But what does this mean for the workforce morale?

It all has to do with creating a positive work environment for your workforce. Many factors are at play here. No employee wants to feel unrecognized or unappreciated. To be part of a brand and not feel connected with it breeds feelings of discontentment with work and can potentially lead to high employee turnover rates.

Employee turnover can be a costly aspect for any brand – especially with employees that churn have specific skill sets. With that said, there is a relatively simpler way to take a step towards making your employees feel more at ease with their work and improve their working habits: appreciation.

Creating a positive experience surrounding an employee’s work helps them to work even better. However, this doesn’t mean appreciating where mistakes have been made; the employers need to strike the right balance between constructive feedback and positive feedback.

To aid your organization make your employees more motivated and engaged, technology has gifted apps like Rivista for systemic, effective feedback and appreciation. Let’s take a look at how Rivista can transform your workplace culture in a few simple ways.

3 Ways Rivista Can Drive a Healthy Workplace Culture

Appreciation does not need to be a long-winded speech glorifying your employees’ accomplishments. It can be a few simple words that tell them they did well. Or a simple act of saying “Thank you for handling this well”. These little gestures go a long way in creating and reinforcing a positive work culture where employees can thrive and strive to achieve better efficiencies and output qualities.

Rivista is a workplace community application built around the idea of providing these little boosts of dopamine to your employees. It works to improve three key areas of organizational success: employee productivity, workplace satisfaction and positivity culture.

The Rivista interface is like a social media app within an organization, with focus on garnering co-worker feedback and reviews. It lets each employee of your company create their own profiles on the dashboard, where they can add their personal and professional details – much like creating an account on social media.

All Rivista profiles have a review section, on which the co-workers of an employee can leave reviews and words of appraisal. The app also provisions a star-rating system that lets employees strive to climb higher towards better quality.

Think of Rivista as the Play Store or App store where consumers can rate and review apps. Only here, co-workers rate and review their fellow employees and let the entire organization know how good they are.

The employee gets to see their own profile improving and growing with time as more and more feedback and words of appreciation accumulate on Rivista. They can do the same for their co-workers as well, helping them feel the same benefits.

Boosting Productivity

Employees are motivated to work harder and better when the employer and co-workers show appreciation for their efforts. This fact is corroborated by a Glassdoor study that found that 81% of the employees agreed with this statement.

A boost in productivity can be linked directly to gaining psychological reward through positive words that an employee’s earnest effort towards accomplishing a task wasn’t wasted, ignored, or side-lined.

Through Rivista, the senior management and co-workers can make it a practice to leave reviews and star ratings on an employee’s profile, letting them know in a subtle way that their work is valued and efforts appreciated.

This helps in maintaining a constant, consistent drive that helps boost productivity assuredly.

Improving Employee Satisfaction

Satisfaction at work is something really hard to get right. Employers can’t let the employees take too much liberty by showering them with appreciation, yet there is a need to maintain an optimum level of satisfaction from work.

Rivista solves this problem by letting other employees and the employer attribute positive “traits” to the concerned employee. The app lists traits like “Knowledgeable,” “Humorous,” “Energetic,” “Perceptive,” and more for each employee. The more votes a trait gets, the better it helps to describe an employee.

For example, if many colleagues found an employee thoroughly well-versed in the subject of a project, they can assign the trait “Knowledgeable” to that employee on Rivista. The employee would then be able to see that they have been voted well for certain traits; it will raise their morale and satisfaction in the workplace.

Creating Positive Culture

Appreciation works in loops – what goes around, comes around. Reinforcing a culture of appreciation creates a continuous flow of goodwill and a positive work environment.

Rivista, with its review and employer contributions features, empowers the workforce to create and maintain a healthy and constructive review loop. Helping each other do better and grow with the organization is what reduces employee churn and increases work satisfaction.

Wrapping Up

Appreciation at work isn't merely an act of consideration towards employees; it has become a necessity to help employees perform better.

Rivista, with its holistic review and feedback features, gives your workforce the power to motivate and encourage each other to be more productive and appreciative of each other.

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