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Looking for a job? Want to take the next steps in your career? Looking to get hired? or maybe looking to get your first job?

So you have either just graduated and looking for a great first job or you are just transitioning in your career with a new company and maybe even a new industry. Maybe you just got laid off from your last company and now have a few job opportunities coming your way!

(If you have been laid off and are wondering what can you do in this time to thrive, click here! We have an article just for you!)

Well, Rivista is here to help you through it all regardless of where you are starting from.

Rivista is here to help you be the right addition to the company/industry you want to work with.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you aren't the only one looking to join the company! And we don't mean you have competition, no there is always going to be someone who wants to compete with you but you shouldn't join the race to the bottom! No, you should collaborate.

You should grow with others and you should be a partner, a partner and a valuable addition to your company. Thats what your boss is looking for! Because just like you, your boss is looking for another addition to their company and they want an employee, a valuable asset.

They want someone who is right for them, their culture, their vision, and challenges and someone who wants to be with them and have a long-term relationship with the company!

Thats who they want and thats what you should be seeking as well!

When looking for a job, you need to look for the challenges you can take on and with companies who are ready to facilitate them as well as assist with your growth plan!

Thats step one right there.

But no! There are many other steps, and we will get to it right away!

Here we go!

1. Clarity on your goals - This is really crucial! Here's why!

Having clarity sets you up for success and allows you to thrive. Having clear goals is needed at every stage let that be if you are just starting out from graduating or if you are making a career or industry pivot.

Here's what we mean

- Identify the right path for you.
- Identify what's important for you, and based upon your goals and interests what drives your passion and which industry or job can allow you to make the most impact! - - What makes you the most happiest and how can you use it to serve more people and companies?

The kind of life and priorities you have and want
Having clarity on your priorities allows you to find jobs that suit you and encourage the hiring manager to pick you, making you the right fit for their company, and meeting the set expectations.

The nitty gritty!
While looking for a job! Most people, mainly at the early stages and first times just want to land a good job and some even believe that they should accept what comes their way! Well, thats not true! At any stage knowing what's important doesn't just show that you know your worth but sets you as someone who is ready to invest in themselves as well as the company and wants to grow!

This can include:
- Knowing your ideal salary ballpark.
- Roles and Responsibility
- Benefits and more!

2. What you bring to the table

Every company has certain goals and challenges they have to overcome and they need those people who can help them overcome those challenges.

Identify not just what kind of challenges you can assist with but also companies who are facing those challenges and consider reaching out to them!

3. Networking

It's an essential part of everything we do! whether that be as kids, job seekers or business owners.

Go to places online and offline where the people you seek spend their time and go there! Build authentic relationships and connections!

Identify the right people for you and reach out to them!

4. Challenges you have overcome!

The challenges you have overcome and have an understanding of, Build your case for the skills you bring to the table! Let you be a student or new industry employee, as even if you haven't worked in a job yet or in the industry, if you can breakdown the factors that are needed for a role in a job and if have dealt with those challenges and responsibilities, in one way or another, then they can be used to build your case, as long as you prompt them!

Social proof and Proof Of work > on-the-job experience. So identify them and bring them together in a clean and detailed manner!

How? Seamlessly With Rivista!

- Open your Rivista profile and add your case studies and experiences as projects! Explain them in a proper manner!

- If you have any associated reviews or testimonials for them add them too!

- Rivista makes it easy to ask your friends, network, peers, colleagues, professors, old bosses and more for authentic reviews and have them verified!

- Use them to collect reviews, and testimonies or even show them as a form of recommendation letters!

5. The Right fit!

Being a good fit for a job or role doesn't just mean having the right skills needed but also having the right values, vision and personality to align with the team and grow together!

Most businesses now value having a brand culture and look for individuals who are skilled and also have the right traits for them!

Rivista makes it easy once again!

On Rivista, each authentic review form and testimony has a category highlighting the other's experience with you as an individual and the kind of person you are and Your Rivsita Profile has stats of the most ranking reviews for both your skills and personality traits. Collected based on how you have been seen!

Making it easy for companies to find the right fit and for you to show them who you are!

Social proof never looked this neat and detailed. Now you have all that you need! Easily on Rivista!

Get it sorted, and then confidently and with clarity, reach out to your hiring manager, share your Rivista page and go for the job you seek!

Rivista! Highlighting your individuality.

Rivista is now available on web app!

Your journey is one we will observe with great interest!
- Team Rivista!

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