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Learn More About Visibility Settings in Rivista

Rivista offers intricate control over the visibility of your profile. This document will show you how to control the profile visibility settings in Rivista. 

What are Visibility Settings?

Visibility settings are privacy settings that allow you to control who can and cannot see your profile. These settings cover your profile details, including personal information, the about section, and the reviews received. 

A Rivista user can access visibility settings from their profile, where you also find:

  • Reviews received 
  • Reviews given
  • Profile about section

Rivista allows users to set three major visibility controls: 

  1. Visibility to all
  2. Visibility to only user connections 
  3. Visibility to only user

Let's now look at how these visibility settings interact with the user sections provided within the app. 

Visibility Settings in Rivista

Rivista allows you to set visibility for each of the sections. This lets you take control of your profile and your reviews.

About Section Visibility

The first section that we'll explore is the about section. This is where you have your profile bio, personal and professional details, and your contact information. 

A good about section can help you build more connections, do more work, and get more reviews over the long term too.

You can choose to show or hide this section based on your requirements while using Rivista. 

The about section complies with the three visibility settings:

  1. Visibility to all - Anyone on the platform can view your profile and the details that you've added to it.
  2. Visibility to connections - Only the users on Rivista that you connect with can view your profile details. 
  3. Visibility to the user - Use this option when you want to hide your profile details from every, irrespective of your connection status. 

Reviews Visibility 

Reviews that you receive are counted under this visibility setting. Again, the three visibility settings behave similarly for received reviews for freelancers

You can choose to showcase all your reviews to everyone or your connections on Rivista.

Alternatively, you can hide your received reviews from everyone. 

Contributions Visibility

If you are appreciating someone, sharing reviews or feedback on Rivista, it is counted as a contribution. Since these are reviews that are now on the receiver's profile, you do not have control over their visibility. 

Instead, the receiver can set the visibility for reviews that they have received on their account. Your visibility settings no longer apply. 

If the receiver chooses to hide their reviews, then your contributions will be hidden from the public.

Visibility Settings for Webform Users

If a user hasn't logged into their Rivista account and wants to share a heartfelt appreciation or chooses to endorse someone through the web form, the visibility is hidden by default.

Such users can share their contributions by adding their names and other personal details. However, only the review and the user's given name will be visible on the platform. 

Take Your Privacy Up a Notch

At Rivista, we care for your need for privacy. We want to ensure that you have the control you need to manage your personal details and choose to show or hide them.

The visibility settings are also designed to be simple, so you do not have difficulty controlling them. But if you need help, our support team is just an email away.  

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