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Learn More About 'Ask for Review'

Review submission has never been this easy for everyone. Rivista collects feedback and reviews and helps in giving appreciation too. You can get more reviews if you're your friend, colleague, or any stakeholder.

In the Rivista application, you can submit the review request right on your dashboard. All that you need is to log in and start collecting reviews. This will give a new meaning to recognition in a sentence- 'Ask For Review'- within minutes.

Rivista Application – An Overview

What is the Rivista application?

We have created the application focused on building the following generation network of reviews and testimonials, designed to become the new form of online expression and sharing creations by people worldwide. This also helps to encourage feedback easily on every use case you consider and gives you direct feedback from your peers.

We can clearly say that collecting customer feedback has never been this easy for everyone. Rivista does it all for you. With swift, intuitive modules, you can submit the request, get customer responses, and track how many answers you have received.

Here's an acknowledgement example.

As a user, you can directly contact your customer and ask him to review without involving the whole team. This will help you get a clear vision of the product at hand in a short time, which ultimately helps in making quick decisions. Moreover, data is easily tracked on the dashboard and help businesses make the right decisions by viewing real-time data, which allows them to evolve as they grow!

What is the 'Ask for Review' Functionality?

'Ask for Review' is an integral part of the Rivista application, which helps to improve your network. This feature is to be used in a variety of ways. Here at Rivista, we encourage users to ask for a review and, in turn, express appreciation.

Why? When you ask for appraisal and appreciation, the user will feel that they are valued. This helps increase the loyalty and profitability of your business rather than going around with impersonal feedback or searching for the best acknowledgement for the project.

Significance of the Ask for Review Feature

The 'Ask for Review' feature allows you to endorse and gather reviews from your customers and prospects. It helps you take action on your feedback and consistently deliver high-quality content that meets customer needs.

The feature also helps you improve your customer service by giving you actionable insights into where your users struggle with using your app or website. The functionality improves user experience by making it easy for users to get feedback from their colleagues or friends on their work in one click.

This potent tool works brilliantly in reviews for a freelancer that can be used in multiple ways. You can ask for reviews from your team members and get more reviews on anything: from the project's progress to the team's performance, from new processes to team members' growth.

You can also use this tool as a feedback mechanism and a recognition site. Send an email to your team asking them what they think about a particular process, how they feel about the company's culture, career path, etc.

Categories of Rivista Application Users

Rivista is a robust platform that allows users to connect and collaborate. It also provides the option of creating a community where members can review and rate topics related to their field of expertise.

Here are some categories of Rivista users:

  • Rivista Connections- These users have given you their email address, phone number and Facebook profile links. These users will automatically be sent an email asking them to review your business with a link that takes them directly to the review page on your website or app.
  • Rivista Non-connections: These are users who have not signed up for Rivista yet but still want to leave a review because they love your business so much! This person will be prompted with a pop-up asking them if they would like to sign up for Rivista and become a Connection (if they aren't already).

Steps to follow for enabling the function with Rivista Connections

The functionality in Rivista allows users to reach out to their connections and ask them for a review. This is a beneficial feature, especially for businesses that have already built a strong network of connections. You can adhere to the following steps to showcase the best acknowledgement:

1. On the home page, click the "Ask for a review" button or select "Ask for a Review" from the (+) dropdown menu on the footer.

2. Select "Share a review from" to be taken to a page explaining how to use and showcase the links.

3. Click on "Get Shareable Link" to get a link you can copy and paste into an email or other program.

4. Input your reviewer's name and press "Next" to advance through the steps of adding their contact information and writing your request message. Mention relation with reviewer and input review request message

5. The final step will show you a successful review request invitation

6. You'll receive an email confirming your request and also obtain a shareable link that you can use if you choose not to share via email or text message.

Steps to Follow For Enabling the Function With Rivista Non-Connections

The 'Ask for Review' feature allows you to email your contact automatically at your chosen time, asking them to rate their experience working with you. It's a great way of getting feedback on your work, receiving a short acknowledgement for your project and whether you can improve in certain areas.

You can send a review request to any non-connected person. You need to follow these steps:


1. Log in to your Rivista application > click on "Ask for a review" on the home page or click on the (+) on the footer to find "Ask for review" there.

2. Select the person from whom you need a review from the connection list

3. Describe your review request in short. (We recommend keeping the review request brief and relevant to the performance or project execution).

4. Finish your review request by clicking the ask for review button.

5. A small pop-up will appear confirming the review request has been sent 

Bottom Line

Get the best out of Rivista's 'Ask for Review' request submission functionality by uploading your credentials and all other information about the project you are making the review request like a freelancer review. This will allow them to give feedback effectively, as they already know about the project entirely and would be able to point out discrepancies if any.

Our reviews help service providers and businesses learn more about their patrons and their services. So why not take your business to the next level using our review service? With Rivista, you will be able to reach more customers as we do not limit the number of requests that you can post, so why delay? Start tracking your reviews and put Rivista to work for you today!

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