How to set yourself up for a valuable testimony?

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As creatives, we love and thrive on feedback and while many of us don't seek validation from others when it comes to client projects, we kind of need it. To be able to do a good job but also to satisfy our clients and get that soul-pleasing testimony that makes us feel all good inside and unstoppable!

Well, to get it, you need to pay it forward!

Here's what we mean!

A testimony comes based on the work and service you provide for someone. That means if you need a valuable testimony from your clients, you should do a beyond-good job!
And hence, here are things you can do during your project to set yourself up for a valuable testimony!

1. Show your clients their potential!

When clients come to you, they want to grow & they want to increase their impact! They don't just want something pretty. They want something that works!

So show them that! Narrate to them the experience working with you and what their own product/service is capable of doing to the people it serves, and how your addition will be able to excel further!

How, with the addition of your service, more of their users will engage with them and get the impact in their lives that your clients are providing them with!

And the best way to do this is to ask them and add to it!

This could get them to think and say, " Working with "Inspiring" Creative, made us feel so powerful and aware of what we are capable of! They didn't just know their craft, but they see our vision and aligned with it, making us assured that we went with the right choice to trust with our business and vision!

2. Don't leave them in the dark!

Walk them through the process! A lot of times if not all the time, clients don't know what's going on, what to expect and what are they getting into, don't leave them in the dark, walk with them.

This helps them feel more assured of what's going on and saves everyone valuable time to not go back and forth. It even helps them to know where they are going forward with their progress and how close they are to their milestones.

It even assures them of your capability and limits them from butting into your process as you welcome them when the time is right!

All you have to do is say it! "We won't keep you in the dark. We will have regular feedback and communication sessions, so you know where we are headed, we will even send you a timeline sheet that we can further adjust as per your schedule so you can save the dates!"

And this could get them to think and say, "The extraordinary designer, made us feel calm and assured of where we are going and what to expect! We had all the clarity we needed and weren't left in the dark, assuring us that we are on the right track and we saved a lot of time with their proper schedule! The entire process felt smooth and Awesome!"

3. Give them something to remember you by!

Most businesses look for a partner, someone they can constantly collaborate with. A partner they can rely on, Even if they aren't consciously thinking about it.

But more often than not, they don't convey that, or it isn't conveyed properly... (I mean, when freelancers hear this, the first thing that sounds like is a red flag! for wanting something for cheap.) (insert a gif of red flags) and neither are they expecting that you want the same.

Hence, A lot of times, it just becomes a one-time transition!

But if you actually want to have an ongoing retainer relationship with them.

Give them something more, just a bit more, that's valuable enough and won't take too much of your time but will impact them a lot.

It can be a small strategic suggestion that came to you, one extra copy-post, some logo variations stationery you made for fun, or sending some people to check out their new product!

Anything! Because as experts, these come easy to use, but it's hard for them as clients, and they will value it a lot!
And it lays the foundation for starting a relationship and wanting you as you created the need and want.

It's the chivalry of bringing roses and opening the car on a date. We don't know we want it until it happens to us, and then it becomes a standard.

Now, of course, be sure that they know this is just a gift, not an "always" case.

Now they will remember you and actually see you as someone who goes beyond, a partner who thinks for them and aligns with them. And now they want you!

And this could get them to think and say, "Exceptional creative is the partner we were looking for and needed in our mission! We can't wait to work with them again and have them with us. Throughout! They see what we need and go beyond for us! They are truly beyond what they say!"

Here's a funny thing, the more new clients see such testimonies, the more they want you and prepare themselves to expect the same and reciprocate the same feelings!

So if you want something similar, do these things and more in your creative process while working with clients, and use to collect those valuable and authentic testimonies your clients genuinely can't wait to give you!

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