How to get recognised and grow in your company?

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How to get recognised and grow in your company? Easy with Rivista!

You are a great addition to your company!

And if you have a mindset like anybody in team Rivista, you like to grow! You like to thrive! You want to do more! Be challenged, and while you are it, impact others and help your colleagues too!

And now you want to grow, take the next step in your career and scale up! Get the promotion thats right for you and take on responsibilities that you can easily handle!

But how do you show this to your manager and Firm? How do you help them see you for you?

Rivista is here to help you do just that! And get you seen for the value you bring to the table!

Clarity on your goal!

Have clarity on what your goal is and what kind of promotions, challenges and responsibilities you can take on!

When you are clear about all the challenges you can overcome, can support or have supported your company with, in alignment with their goals. It provides you with the clarity and edge needed to take the right step forward within your career when speaking to your manager! 

See what all responsibilities you can take on with an understanding of them better than most with your own unique approach. 

Look at what kind of niched skills you have for this role and what can you do differently to help future goals when you do get the job! Knowing all this will position you as the right addition to the company! Someone that aligns with the company and is already thinking of the future growth of the company!

Proof of work!

This is going to build your case! Create case studies of all the different times you have overcome different challenges in alignment with the promotion you seek and the responsibilities you plan to take on! 

Let that be for clients, within the company or even collaborations with colleagues who faced similar challenges and you help them thrive on them. Even make sure you put your previous experiences as well, such as with your old company, colleges, and jobs. Where ever you have proof of your certain skill! How to go about this?

It couldn't be easier! All you have to do is open your Rivista profile and add each case study with as much-needed details and clarity as you can, the different challenges you overcame, the problems you solved and your thinking to solve them! (Thats really important! It shows what YOU bring!)

Then you can even add associated and verified reviews, and testimonies from those involved in one way or another with those case studies! 

And share them with your manager Seamllesly! Rivista makes it that easy to tell your story! 

Social Proof

This shows your authenticity and authority! As Rivista's founder once said, your Individuality is based upon the perception others craft of you and the way they see you! It's your brand experience! 

So if you are an honest person and right for the role, ask those around you to assist you! Not just for now but always! 

Reach out to your peers, clients, managers, networks and bosses with whom you have engaged with previously in more than one way and who have seen the impact you bring to the table in more than one way. 

Ask them to give you a review! An honest and authentic one! Where they describe your value or impact for particular incidents and what they see you as! The person you are, your traits and your skills!

Let that be your clients, peers, team, network or managers! (Yes, ask the managers to review you and then use it against them later! haha) This can even be from your old jobs and every other interaction! 

Collect these and have them organised in one place so that when the time comes you have all the cards you need to win! 

Where can you do this? Rivista is here once again!

Rivista makes it seamless and easy to not just ask for a review or testimony, but even have them verified and shown on your profile! Rivista even provides you with stats on your different skills and personality traits! 

When you have reviews and stats that vouch for your personality traits as well as your skills they show the kind of person and leader you are when it comes to a role, job, and an overall person! As those are qualities needed to pick the right leader and face of an operation!

Walk the talk!

Use Rivista to Collect and organise your social proof and proof of work, your understanding of the role and responsibilities you plan to overtake and bring you A-Game with Clarity! 

Confidence is the way to go! If you know you deserve this and more, you are ready for it and more! You will know, not just what to say but also what to seek and how to add to it further!

Be clear and appreciate what you have got. But even know that you deserve this and more and leverage that to not just take on more challenges and responsibilities, but even the right and needed benefits and hikes.

A good leader at any point is someone who doesn't just understand their capabilities but even their worth and knows how to leverage it and speak about it! Don't just do more! Grow and be more! Make sure you and your company recognise that about you!

Stand by your goal!

Be open to walking away, but also moving on with someone else! This is the hard part. But needed.

Sometimes either you aren't ready for a job or your company isn't. Thats okay, be ready to embrace it and process it. It doesn't mean you won't be ready someday or won't outgrow their expectations for the role and beyond!

But there are also cases where you can bring a lot to the table in your industry and mission! your company doesn't see that or chooses not to recognise it! 

That's not a definition of your worth but rather that of your current company!

But you already have all that you need to grow, collected and organised on Rivista! So if you believe that you are ready for growth, challenges and responsibilities towards a goal alongside proper accommodation for such responsibilities! 

Take the next step! With Rivista.

Use your Rvista profile and identify companies who do need you, will appreciate you and will not only support you but challenge you further! 

Be confident and use your Rivista page to speak your case!

Grow with Rivista! 

We're here to tell your story! And be part of your growing journey!

If you want to know more about what Rivista can do for you! Sign up now by Web or by downloading our play store app! App store coming soon! 

- Team Rivista!

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