How can Rivista increase sales as a freelancer?

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Freelancers who are starting out or transitioning always ask, How can I get more sales? How can I land more clients? How can I get high-ticket clients?

Well, there are a couple of things to consider and work on to be able to do anything successfully while providing a service as a freelancer.

1. You need to have clarity on your positioning.

Be clear on what you want to be known for and position yourself in alignment with that. So that when you do meet the people you want to work with, you don't just have clarity on the services you provide and the impact you can add to their growth, but so do they when they come across any of your profiles, and social platforms or Rivista Profile or website.

So identify the kind of services you want to provide and the impact you want to be known for providing and can provide.

If you have any work already in these services seamlessly add them to your Profile and describe;

The problem you got.
The solution you provided.
The Results you Created.
The Impact it Created.

This helps your clients be in your past client's footsteps and be able to see more than just fancy design Solutions. This also works with mock projects if you haven't had any clients for these services yet or if you are just starting out.

Just figure out a problem and create a solution for it. Create a case study.

2. You need to identify who you want to serve.

More than anything else, you need first start off by asking yourself regardless of the services you provide in each case what kind of client mindset and industry you want to work with and impact, this helps you be clear about who you want to get in bed with and also the working relationship you seek and want to be in. And then…

You need to put yourself out where they are.

This is where networking comes in, proper networking. Instead of hoping your clients to find you be where they are and market there, both online and offline. Online, place your marketing where your right audience spends their time and be discovered there, and market yourself and your amazing Rivista portfolio there.

For offline go to events where the people you want to work with spend their time and engage with them, build good relationships and solve problems with your expertise.

Building relationships of trust and friendship goes a long way over forced sales calls as they will know you before you sell something and will value that relationship further. This is crucial all the time even in the long run!

3. You need to talk about Value. This is the big one!

The way you portray your value and Impact will get you the clients you need.

This is what I tell all the creatives I coach, it's the secret behind getting $3 clients and 6-figure clients.

The value you show them is the value they will perceive and that will land you the clients, the process and the sales you need.

Over everything else, This is what will determine the sale!

Luckily, Team Rivista is here to help with that too!

With you can now showcase your amazing portfolio but also the testimonies you received for them and in your overall journey. It enables you to show your prospects the kind of impact you can create with your services and the value you bring to the table. And this proof of work alongside authentic and verified client testimonies shows the impact you can bring to the table.

So when you meet clients and show ask them, what do they need help with, understand their problems, and show them the decimated solution case study with its complementing testimonies.

Providing you with the tools you need to land the clients you seek!

And thats how you make sales, get clients, and grow!

Simply with Rivista!

In today's gig economy and freelance economy, people are constantly looking for ways to showcase their skills. With Rivista App, you can easily collect reviews, testimonials and feedback from your customers/clients – all in one place. So that companies know exactly what they're getting before they hire you. We help you build relationships with your clients and connect them to the products & services that they need.

So what are you waiting for, as you grow, Rivista is right with you! Sign up now on! And stay tuned for more valuable resources and knowledge!

Rivista, enabling your potential in this freelance economy!

- Team Rivista.

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