3 ways Rivista can drive workplace productivity

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Consider this. Let's say that you work hard on a project and complete it in record time. You present it and expect appreciation, but you end up not getting a single round of applause. Would you then like to or want to go back to work? Probably not, right? Besides, it will no longer be fun if you did go back.

The moral of the story here is that a lack of appreciation can kill one's passion, resulting in a lack of motivation and an inability to work at full potential. 

In a recent survey of 1600 employees, 85% of the men and 63% of the women said that their workplace lacked an efficient appraisal system, and 88% said that a positive appraisal could make them stick around a bit longer, while 82% say it would encourage them to work harder. That proves that a positive review can encourage people to work longer and harder.

Along those lines, you don't need to continue in the workplace when it isn't fun working, nor do you have to worry about the elaborate procedure of securing another job. Use Rivista Appraisal App to seek and find more reviews and testimonials, all in one place, and reach out to recruiters for better opportunities. Rivista also provides discretion, so you can show or hide ratings or feedback.

3 Ways Rivista Can Drive Good Workplace Culture

Appraisals motivate employees to stay on and work to their full potential, and recognition fosters credibility, leading to better employee relationships. The employees find their individuality, enjoy better health and sleep better as the show of gratitude works on the brain to lessen stress. These factors work together to build a healthy and joyful environment that increases organizational productivity.

Rivista can promote employee accountability and healthy work culture in 3 ways.

1. Boost your Productivity with Rivista

Increasing organizational productivity through better employee efficiency can be challenging. In the past, the human resource manager resorted to providing employees with annual reviews and ratings to reward those with high ratings and grilling or firing the rest. 

Did it work? I don't think - negative appraisals lower an employee's self-esteem, put him on the defensive, and result in a drop in productivity. The performance management of old killed individuality and did not contribute to productivity, thus necessitating a shift.

Rivista offers one of the best approaches in performance management through the 'Free forever profile feature'. You don't need to project yourself how your manager sees you, but can showcase your individuality to show the real you. The Rivista App works to facilitate connections with your community by asking them for reviews, feedback, and endorsements.

Such appraisals work well for the organization by helping them better understand the employee's potential and allot work as per his aptitude. It also enables an employee to use the feedback for self-improvement. 

2. Rivista Guarantees Employee Satisfaction 

The employees should love their work, and that's when it becomes fun. You will find them rushing to work, fully charged up to work to their full potential. They integrate well with the work culture and the management to put in their best efforts to help the business grow.

Dissatisfied and unhappy employees could crumble the bottom line. And one of the primary reasons for employee dissatisfaction is a lack of appreciation and recognition.

The Rivista' get tagged for your traits' feature can help you nurture a feeling of credibility in the employees. Every individual has a skill-set, which he applies to his job. It would mean a lot to an employee if he feels that his traits are noticed and rewarded. It can also help boost their morale, resulting in contentment and job satisfaction.  

Here's how the feature works: it allows you to be tagged and rated by your traits. The rating helps to identify your traits that receive appreciation. It can also help boost an employee's morale to increase contentment and job satisfaction, as it creates self-improvement opportunities.

3. Positive Work Culture with Rivista

The personality of your workplace is its work culture, which depends on numerous factors such as management, policies and practices, leadership, etc. A positive work culture attracts talent and drives better employee engagement and retention.

Forbes reported that a study by Deloitte states that 83% of executives and 84% of employees say that customer motivation and engagement are recipes for a successful business. Opportunities to progress and promotions contribute to positive work culture. Business policies and practices of this kind check unhealthy emotions that can disrupt the work culture.

The Rivista' help your friend grow' feature encourages the employees to rate each other. It promotes better relationships between employees, removes negative emotions, and eliminates hostility in the workplace. With such an effective appraisal in place, the employee is sure to feel appreciated and valued and will be open to change. Their harmonious collaboration will work wonders in building a positive work culture, encouraging the team member to continue working there.

Wrapping Up

An employee is the most valuable asset of an organization; however, it wouldn't take much for them to become liabilities— why? One reason could be that they did not receive appraisals at an expected time. It is also true that team member performance-based appraisals take much time and effort, but not anymore. Access the Rivista app to simplify the appraisal process to make your employees feel valued and appreciated, which is the number one growth contributing factor for a business. 

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